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Holy Tuning Fork

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Listen to member Danny Granstaff on npr station interview
describing ecclesiaudio

YouTube from concert
in Murray, KY

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ecclesiaudio is a collaborative of musicians and sound artists who seek to celebrate the absolute spiritual Truth of a Creator while exploring an aural palette beyond the traditional hymn or praise-and-worship song. While motivated by Christian metaphysics, it provides a forum for a broad spectrum
of Truth-seeking in the audio arts.

The project encourages the listener to "taste and HEAR that the Lord is good."

Next gathering

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 6:30pm
Parking Structure on 17th Ave. South on Music Row

Feel free to come and go.
We will be meditating/praying using all manner of sounds/speech/music


Friday, November 11, 2011 at 7:00pm
First Presbyterian Church, Murray, Kentucky

August 27, 2011
Grace Episcopal Church, Paducah, Kentucky

  visual complement by yoga practitioner Mike Reber (Elite Yoga Paducah)

LIKE WATER (Danny Granstaff, Dean Hughes,

vox/guitar/perc Princeton KY),
Massood Taj (flutes, perc Nashville/Iran)
Dina Rae Capitani (vox Nashville)

Virgile Ganne (harp Paris France)
John Jones (vox Nashville/Berlin)
Tim Norton (perc Nashville)

Bob Teague (classical e-guitar Nashville)
Steven Dunning (violin Nashville)

June 4, 2011
Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville TN

Dina Rae Capitani (guitar, vox)
Steven Dunning (violin, vox)
Brandon Frazer (poetry from Whitman, et al)
John JJ Jones (vox)
LIKE WATER (duo with drum kit, perc, vox, guitars)
Tim Norton (percussion, loops, vox)
Massood Taj (flutes)
Bob Teague (electric guitar)

Massood Taj, Dina Rae Capitani, Tim Norton,
Bob Teague, JJ Jones

Inspired Improv
Two hours of non-stop improv with electronic loops, unmanipulated vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, wood flutes, cymbals, and the acoustic of amazing space (the chapel of the    Downtown Presbyterian Church).

August 26, 2010
Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville TN

Renee Armand
Spontaneous Miracles
Ms. Armand's latest project presents us with her enchanting voice singing stirring melodies spontaneously composed while reading texts from A Course in Miracles. Renee Armand has been a highly successful singer and songwriter for decades, including years of backing John Denver, as well as writing hits with him, Hoyt Axton, and Michael Murphy.

David and Sarah Masen-Dark
I am because we are
Mr. And Mrs. Masen-Dark explore the groundless ground of the other through word and sound. Dark reads collaged work from his cerebral collective in tandem with Sarah Masen's orchestrated sound analysis for an unpredictable sound-tracked poetry. David Dark is an accomplished author whose works include Everyday Apocaplyse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, The Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture Icons, The Gospel According to America: A Meditation on a God-blessed, Christ-haunted Idea, and The Sacredness of Questioning Everything. Sarah Masen-Dark is a musician and children's Sunday School teacher committed to documenting the wisdom and insight of religions' youngest theologians. She currently works at Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN and has recorded numerous albums and eps of her music over the last two decades.

Tony Youngblood
Speaking in Tweets
Mr. Youngblood will be revisioning a work he co-created for an episode of his Ore Theatre Intangible project, an ongoing Nashville-based podcast for experimental sound art that has involved countless talent from the local area and beyond. In this work, he captures tweets from the Twitter universe and uses a digital processor to vocalize them while mixing improvised sounds from various sources. ***PLEASE PARTICIPATE during the performance by sending spiritual, prayerful tweets (use your own discretion/definition) to #spiritaudio. In fact, feel free to tweet as soon as you wish, as any tweets made before the performance are likely to find their way into it. Tony Youngblood has been singing and songwriting in Nashville since 2006. His Ore Theatre Intangible project has become an important event in Nashville's burgeoning alternative/electronic music scene.

Sabine Schlunk
Ms. Schlunk will read from selected German texts. Sabine Schlunk is the curator at gallery F., a space for contemporary and outsider art at Scarritt-Bennett Center. She is also an installation artist whose works have been exhibited in Europe and North America.

Moses Williams
Sounds Like the Spirit
Mr. Williams will present an experimental sound work created especially for ecclesiaudio. Moses Willams is a conceptual artist working in a variety of mediums including sculpture, video, sound, and installation. His work addresses the commonality of various peoples and cultures in daily life and explores our rituals and traditions as a means of deeper understanding of the past and future. Moses’ creative resources draw from a background in music, culinary arts, and woodworking & design. Moses currently studies fine art at Watkins College of Art and Design

Brandon Frazer
Mr;. Frazer will read a selection from his vast treasure of philosophical and spiritual writings. Brandon Frazer is a truth-seeker with a degree in philosophy – and a highly-skilled elevator repairman.

and (Charlie Rauh and JJ Jones)
Vox Improv
Rauh and Jones began working together when they discovered a mutual interest in communicating Spirit through improvised music. Jones' use of non-English and fabricated language complements Rauh's ethereal electric guitar sounds, as well as Rauh's obsession with Hildegard von Bingen, the Christian mystic from the 12th century who created the world's first notated music, inspired by her visions. Charlie Rauh is a composer/guitarist based in Nashville who has written works for film, solo guitar, chamber ensembles, and performance art pieces. He will be composer in residence at Skridulkaustur Iceland for the month of September 2010 where he and Megan Harrold will continue developing a process in which written words are transposed into musical notation and body movement. JJ Jones studied voice in Berlin, Germany and has sung throughout Europe and Asia, performed a wide spectrum of works, from Serbian Orthodox choir music to deconstructionist anti-Pop, to parodies of classic Christmas songs while inside a Human Snow Globe. He has been working in Nashville since 2006 together with his wife Sabine Schlunk.

Mr. Shipp
A Song From His Heart
Mr. Shipp calls upon his vast library of original work written in praise of the Creator, which may be sung as originally conceived or simply used to inspire a totally new and inspired song. Mr. Shipp leaves and creates in Nashville.


For more information or to suggest performances,
send an email to jj --at-- iamthatmusic.com